Composite Designs Group (CDG) consults to contractors, material suppliers, and engineers involved with projects pertaining to the retrofit, strengthening, expansion, or repair of existing concrete, masonry, timber, or marine structures. New construction projects are also supported using innovative new technologies. CDG specializes in the use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite materials. These modern day materials provide unique advantages to designers and constructors facing the challenges of building upgrades and repairs.


Duane J. Gee, P.E., principal consultant of CDG has fifteen years of experience in product development, research and development, product prototyping and testing, and structural analysis and design. He has completed over 150 structural strengthening projects worldwide and has developed modern technologies that have forever changed the civil industry. For the past decade he has contributed to the authoring of industry specifications and guidelines for the American Concrete Institute (ACI), International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), Departments of Transportation, and the Structural Engineer Association (SEA).

Duane J. Gee, P.E. Qualifications

Material Supply

New products can be developed, prototyped, tested, and manufactured for a variety of industries, including marine, aerospace, recreation, and civil construction

CDG provides services to:
Structural engineering firms
Contracting companies
Material system suppliers
Product developers
Facility owners and government agencies.

Manufacturing and Industry Collaboration

CDG uses a variety of Material Vendors and Manufacturing Partners

Testing & Inspection
Composite Designs Group is a certified installer, applicator trainer, and a means for distribution of the ICBO Approved "Hexcel Hex-3R Composite Strengthening System."


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