CDG - Specializing in the Design and Development of Performance Enhanced composites

Composite Designs Group, Inc. (CDG) was formed to bring together skills and technologies necessary to rapidly develop products that exhibit exceptional performance and optimize modern fiber reinforced composite materials.

For the past decade, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials have rapidly revolutionized sporting equipment, aircraft, and construction products. CDG has designed, developed, and manufactured FRP composite products for numerous industries during this time. Constant improvements in materials, manufacturing methods, and engineering know-how have made it possible to create new products that are profitable, exhibit exceptional performance, and create market excitement.

CDG’s abilities cater to the civil construction market, recreational product industry, and transportation sector. The company performs services that include engineering, product development, research and testing, manufacturing, market development, and quality control. Products can be developed for a specific purpose, or existing products can be used to satisfy new demands and requirements. Contact us for more information and to discuss your unique project needs.


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